About Merryville USA®

Merryville USA® was born and nurtured from a body wracked with pain and fear in the wee hours of the morning.

For five years, Merryville USA® became my happy refuge when life seemed out of control and the overwhelm of the unknown kept me awake all night. To sooth myself I created a little town located on the corner of pain and happiness that I could visit. The people were nice, the problems were solvable, and the townsfolk were filled with laughter, kindness and grace. Pretty soon I was playing the Mayor, actively integrating my day life with my dream world; all of the characters in Merryville USA® combated my worries with their quirky personalities and hopeful stories that made me chuckle.

Finally, the rheumatoid arthritis was under control and the Merryville USA® characters were firmly planted in my heart when I found the lump and my future was once again uncertain.

Fear raged, and I immediately retreated back into Merryville USA® where my fear was suspended. For five more years I spent countless hours surrounded by all of the beautiful characters of Merryville USA® and discovered a laugh on every corner.

Marylee Zee, creator, comedian, actorMayor Mallory the Matchmaker and I both know that we like to solve problems through love and that core belief  birthed Merryville USA®. After spending ten years inspired by the strong women and loyal men, facing the mean girls of my youth, and laughing with all of the characters in Merryville USA®; it was time to share my town with others who need a place to land during times of uncertainty and fear.

A fortuitous meeting and mutual frustration with pessimistic dystopian fiction inspired a collaboration with writer Susan Jordan to bring Merryville USA® to life through words. The people of Merryville USA® tip our wings to Susan. Further opening the door of hope for those who need or want Merryville USA®, Digital Solutions by DesignInk created a place to land in the virtual world of Merryville USA®; located on the corner of pain and happiness and merryvilleusa.com

The launch of the show and the website at this time is a tribute to my Dad’s passing; he always believed in me; he always wanted me to do this…to bring a little light to the world every day.

This one’s for you Dad. Enjoy!