Paloma is inspired!

When Paloma was invited to join some of her friends and neighbors from Merryville USA® to make make donuts at Mallory’s house, she asked Mama Caruso about donuts for some of her favorite legged friends…the pooches of Merryville USA®. As the owner of the Poof and Poodle, Paloma is very interested in making sure she has sweet treats for all of her customers so Mama Caruso has developed some hacks and tips for making doggie donuts just for Paloma.

Robin Zavala as Paloma shows her donuts to Marylee Zurick as Mayor Mallory but where's the doggie donuts What is Paloma cookin’ up in Mallory’s Kitchen?

Paloma shows Mallory the donuts she made during the live episode of “Dreamin’ of Donuts.” Her collection includes a donut dedicated to her Merryville husband Erick, Merryville USA®‘s law enforcement officer, loaded with hearts, a peanut butter and jelly donut and a creme de menthe donut.

But where are the doggie donuts???

Check out Doggie Donut Hacks and Tips on Mama Caruso Cooks


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Get some great tips on donut making — yes, we’re serious and having fun in the process!

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