Mallory’s Moment: Dear Shy…

Mallory's Moment: Dear Matchmaker Mallory, I’m new to Merryville and a little shy. While quite friendly, everyone seems to know each other in town. How can I make new friends? — Sincerely, Shy New Girl

Dear Shy,

Take heart! There is plenty of room and love for all in Merryville. Here are a few ways to slowly step out and begin to meet our amazing townspeople.

Start with joining the Merryville Newcomers Club, headed up by our very own Lincoln, the town Theater Director.

Next, visit with Gabby our town historian at the Library. She can tell you who’s who and how our town has grown. The Library also sponsors several book clubs. Which is another fantastic way to meet people and make new friends.

Then, mosey on down to the Everything All the Time Cafe. Say “Hey” to Aunt Candy. Grab a copy of the Merryville Messenger and sit at the community table. The Messenger has all the goings on in Merryville to give you ideas of things to do with your new friends!

If it is love you are looking for, book an appointment with me, Mallory, Merryville’s Matchmaker and Mayor. and I’ll fix ya right up.

Welcome to our small mountain town! I hope to see you out and about soon!

With Love in Merryville,