Mayor Mallory Welcomes You

You are welcome in Merryville USA®

Mayor Mallory welcomes you to Merryville USA® a magical world where eccentric town folk balance special moments with humor, grace and kindness.

Merryville USA® is a fresh and quirky character-based half-hour comedy forged with great reverence for the golden comedy programs of television history. The excitement revolves around Mayor Mallory and her interactions, her musings and matchmaking. Sometimes you’ll laugh at Mayor Mallory’s pratfalls, shake your head at the antics of eccentric town folk, or take a moment and reconnect with a favorite song!

The characters of Merryville USA® are family and like many families, balance life’s magical moments with dashes of practical perseverance. Whether characters face individual challenges, or the town faces a difficult decision, each episode celebrates the extraordinary spirit of Merryville, USA®.

Mayor Mallory welcomes you …Mayor Mallory welcomes you to Merryville USA

…to the first season which begins begins with her gift of a second chance at life. The Mayor’s energetic approach and her devotion to Merryville USA® carries her forward when a stranger presents a serious challenge to the fabric of our town’s life. Episode 1 was first performed at eTown in March, 2018, with more of the 16 episodes to follow.

During Season 1 of Merryville, USA®, stories of secrets and sex, progress and politics, and love and laughter play out against the dramatic beauty of craggy Colorado Mountains. Here you can dive into the virtual and real world of Merryville USA®, located on the corner of pain and happiness. The rich complexities, joyful celebrations, and conflicts of life in a small town provide endless fuel for our many seasons in Merryville, USA®!

Join us in our magical escape – you are welcome here in Merryville USA®.

Mayor Mallory

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